About Us

The members of W.I.N. have been dedicated to spreading women’s empowerment through our work, and within our families and communities. Now we have taken the next step: incorporating as a not for profit organization to develop programs and research projects that offer support to vulnerable women in our community.

WIN October Retreat 2012Our core values are:

  • One person can evolve as a human being through body, mind, heart and soul to affect change.
  • Knowledge is power.
  • Persistence and determination will overcome all obstacles.
  • Given consistent support, all women can achieve self-empowerment.
  • With nourishment and support ‘just as the mustard seed did’ daily small actions will evolve to create larger change.

With those beliefs as our base, we have gathered together experts in the fields of social work, therapy, research and project management to assist in the development and implementation of our programs.