Anticipation rises for TEDxTheGlebeWomen

With less than a week to go, the Women’s Integration Network is eagerly anticipating the date of TEDxTheGlebeWomen. Taking place Friday May 29th at the Museum of Nature, TEDxTheGlebeWomen will feature five live speakers, TED talks streamed from TEDWomen in Monterey California, and carefully curated talks from the TED library.


The five speakers include Andrea Hogue Reynolds, Sarika Mathur, Pamela Henry, Manjit Basi, and Peggy Taillon, a group of women who: “Ranging from community activist to student, from well established to new to the community , this group of five women promises to bring a unique perspective to the TEDxTheGlebeWomen stage,” states a TEDxTheGlebeWomen press release. Their talks will be rooted in the theme of “Tiny Ripples”, and will demonstrate the ways in which these speakers have lived the intention of the TEDxTheGlebeWomen: “Tiny ripples. Conversation starters. Change makers. Empowerment supporters.”

As the theme sponsor of the event, Women’s Integration Network acknowledges the power of tiny ripples – small personal changes that can make a difference to everyone around us, our families, friends, communities and societies. Every individual has the power to create change.

The full-day event is an opportunity for Ottawa to start a conversation about empowerment, change, the society we wish to build, and to involve those of all genders in moving forward as individuals and as a community. Fueled by amazing food catered by Thyme and Again, in an environment dedicated to learning, history, new ideas and curiosity, participants will have a unique opportunity to come together and talk about the things that matter.

Learn more about TEDxTheGlebeWomen and secure your tickets before it’s too late by visiting