Honorary President Pamela Henry at TED Summit

Women’s Integration Network is pleased to report that Honorary President Pamela Henry is attending the TED Summit in Banff June 26-30 2016, ┬árepresenting the vision of women’s empowerment and the power of speaking up with ideas worth spreading.

We’ll keep you posted all week long on Twitter and Facebook – follow us there for pictures and insights about the week!TEDsummit banff with dates

Happy International Women’s Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, to celebrate the achievements of the past year and in honour of the impact of TEDxTheGlebeWomen, we are incredibly proud to release a video showcasing photos of the day: https://youtu.be/l2a1-V-Fizc

and share a CHUO FM broadcast re-airing three talks from TEDxTheGlebeWomen which aired at 11:00am Tuesday March 8 2016. If you missed, it you can catch it on demand shortly at http://chuo.fm/show/radio-active/

Happy International Women’s Day!

A.R.T. in Action – right here in Ottawa

A big shout out to Mailyne Briggs and A.R.T. in Action – having a safe space to explore life through art can be such a transformational experience. Check our the Indiegogo Generosity campaign and show your support!

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