Twenty Four Hour Flash Sale – Nia Jam and Social!

We believe that Nia is such a rewarding, healing practice that we want everybody to have a chance to experience it at the Nia Jam and Social on Wednesday September 7th! From now until 12 noon Saturday September 3rd, regularly priced tickets to the Jam will be $20 instead of $25 – just send an email to to register and we’ll send instructions for buying a ticket by interac e-transfer.

Don’t miss out – get your ticket today! 

Information about the event:

The Nia Jam and Social will take place in Jean Piggott Place at Ottawa City Hall (110 Laurier Ave W), Wednesday September 7th at 7pm. Join Ottawa Nia teachers Shar Chowdhury, Caroline Chapman, Steffi Retzlaff and Amanda McKay to celebrate mind, body and spirit in this gentle healing movement practice!

Proceeds will support the Women’s Integration Network (

Details of Nia Jam and Social

COMING SOON: Fall NIA Jam and Social

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About Nia: While Nia offers a fun, fusion dance fitness routine, using movements from the martial arts, healing arts, and dance arts, it can also take you into a deeper connection with your body.  So, as you move through your days and through your world, the body becomes a strong guide in leading you to healthy coping and resilience when things get hectic and naturally stressful. Nia allows you to experience and play with:  shifting energy seamlessly through dynamic and ease, balance and stability gracefully into mobility and movement, breath/sound and body, flexibility and strength, form and freedom, self and community, to name just a few.  Through some choreography and some free dance opportunities designed to fit the Body’s Way, Nia classes will inspire you to sense pleasure and dance the dance of Your Body’s Way so that movement becomes mindful and deeply connected to one’s Being. Interested? Check out this video:


Honorary President Pamela Henry at TED Summit

Women’s Integration Network is pleased to report that Honorary President Pamela Henry is attending the TED Summit in Banff June 26-30 2016,  representing the vision of women’s empowerment and the power of speaking up with ideas worth spreading.

We’ll keep you posted all week long on Twitter and Facebook – follow us there for pictures and insights about the week!TEDsummit banff with dates