Press Release – Great Glebe Garage Sale

Local not-for-profit participates in Great Glebe Garage Sale

PR – Great Glebe Garage Sale – June 1 2014

Kicking off a summer of incredible events, Women’s Integration Network Inc. participated in the infamous Great Glebe Garage Sale on Saturday, May 23 for the second year. As with all of the organization’s past events, this Sale became about more than financial support of the organization.

The organization’s participation in the Garage Sale was made possible through the generous donations of a number of supporters.
Throughout the day, organization members were honoured to meet a number of new supporters. Sharing the organization’s vision, passing out #mywishforher campaign cards, and engaging the public was part of the wider, huge success of the day.
For those who missed the Great Glebe Garage Sale but still wish to support the organization, they are encouraged to check out the online auction currently happening over on the WIN Facebook page ( While going through the donations, the organization found a number of items that they couldn’t bear to part with so easily! Which can only mean good things for their supporters.

Founded in 2012, WIN Inc. is a collaborative community initiative currently based in Ottawa, Ontario. Gathering together experts in the fields of social work, therapy, research, and project management they are developing programs and initiating research to promote awareness of the challenges faced by vulnerable women in Canada. Their vision is to facilitate an environment that is conducive to supporting women to achieve self- empowerment.
At its core, WIN Inc. seeks to develop a mentoring program that will offer women in Ottawa volunteer opportunities to support other women to develop social networks; to introduce alternatives, choices, and resources; and to support cultural differences.