W.I.N. has a vision to develop a program which can be extended throughout Canada, in all urban centres, and for generations to come, to address some of the profound inequities, injustices and oppressions that we see prevalent in our society. The New Beginnings Program is targeted at providing support to vulnerable women relocating to urban centres often from conditions of poverty, violence, and abuse, and who would benefit from support to transition into their new life.. For the initial implementation the program will focus on vulnerable women relocating to Ottawa.

Research Project

  • Conducting research into the experiences and needs of vulnerable women in Canada.
  • Partnering with academic research institutions to produce research papers, analysis and assessments to publicize the current state of affairs and evaluate the impact of the program in creating change.
  • Using the lessons learned in the program to influence the curricula at Canadian Universities providing training and degrees to social workers.
  • Advocating for policy change at the municipal, provincial and federal government levels.

Partnership Development

  • Developing partnerships with harmonious organizations to streamline service acquisition for our clients.
  • Developing status as an advocate for our clients as part of the defined partnership agreement with each organization.

Mentoring Project

The project includes the following phases and aspects:

  • Developing a process to conduct individual cultural exchange sessions with prospective clients in order to understand their background, perspective and service needs.
  • Recruiting and hiring trained social workers to support staff, volunteer mentors and clients and to facilitate navigation of the social support system.
  • Providing specialized training for clients and mentors to enable them to learn the skills to support each other and themselves.
  • Evaluating and optimizing the success of the program in serving our clients.