TEDxTheGlebeWomen Sends Out #ripplesofconversation

Women’s Integration Network Inc. is so proud to have been the title sponsor of TEDxTheGlebeWomen. What an incredible event it was! Not only did TEDxTheGlebeWomen have an amazing line-up of speakers sharing ideas worth spreading, but the event itself was organized to perfection. The venue, the stage setup, the food, the photography, lighting and videography, the opportunity to share in the entire event by livestream – what an incredible opportunity for everyone around Ottawa and across the world to be involved in the #ripplesofconversation.

Featuring six presenters – Pamela Henry, Mailyne Briggs, Andrea Hogue Reynolds, Sarika Mathur, Manjit Basi, and Peggy Taillon – as well as carefully selected talks from the TEDWomen conference in Monterey, California and past TED events – the day focused on far ranging ideas including gender roles, identities, the ego and each person’s call to life a heroic life, and a call to each of us to reject the constricting options offered to us by our society and consumer culture.

Women’s Integration Network would like to thank all of the sponsors of the event, the speakers, the many volunteers, but most of all the driving force behind the event – Ms. Pamela Henry. Not only did she inspire us with a vision of humanity that holds up hope and a call to heroism for everyone who has ever fallen and smashed into 1000 pieces, not only did she design the program for the day in her role as the Director of Programming, but she also masterminded the organization of the event, handling negotiations, recruiting sponsors, and ensuring that the day went off without a hitch no matter what obstacles arose. As she does in her personal life every single day, she embodied the theme of “tiny ripples” making a difference; demonstrating that when you act with personal empowerment and integrity, you enable everyone who you interact with to be more empowered themselves. Congratulations and thank you!

Finally, Women’s Integration Network would like to invite everyone to continue the conversation, build on the ideas of the day and get involved in creating change. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to bring forward your ideas, thoughts and questions – head over to @WIN_Women and www.facebook.com/womensintegrationnetwork.