Volunteer Profile

Come and volunteer with the Women’s Integration Network!

Looking for volunteers who are confident in their expertise and are interested in designing a role for themselves in a not for profit organization.

Women’s Integration Network Inc. is a dynamic, enterprising and innovative organization, dedicated to supporting women’s empowerment by providing services to vulnerable women. Learn more about us by visiting our website at www.winwomen.ca

This is an exciting time for the organization, as we are developing a project called the Human Wellness Library Roadshow, which will offer people an opportunity to learn more about supporting their personal wellness, especially in the context of mental wellbeing, resilience and stress management.

Volunteer Application Process:

Please write to us by email at info@womensintegrationnetwork.org with a resume and/or a summary of your experience, and include some thoughts on what attracted you to the Women’s Integration Network. We typically hold interviews on Saturdays at a location in Kanata. If you have availability constraints, please let us know in your application email.

Volunteer Profile

Gender Male or Female
Age 20+ years old
Cultural Background Emphasis on diversity
Core Belief Systems Morality, religion/spirituality, individual empowerment, community engagement
Personality Passion, determination, perseverance, adaptability, resilience, independence
Contribution Self-directed role according to personal experience/passion
Time Commitment Imperative as per the role you develop in the organization. Includes attendance at working meetings (one every ~3 weeks); attendance at fundraising events (one every 1-2 months); and tasks as agreed
Term Six months +
Belief in Our Vision Women’s empowerment


  • Diverse life experience
  • Post-secondary degree (any – college, university, trades)
  • Organization skills
  • Research skills
  • Social media skills
  • Fundraising skills
  • Experience with business
  • Independent transportation, as meetings are held at various locations across Ottawa

Potential Assets:

  • Experience in grant-proposal writing
  • Experience in accounting skills
  • Experience working within international organizations
  • Experience with small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • Cultural background: aboriginal heritage, diversity of cultural heritage
  • International life experience